I already knew that the online gambling industry in Australia employs over 30,000 people, has over two million Aussie customers, and ponies up over $100 million in taxes. So, when I recently read a detailed analysis of the global market done by Transparency Market Research, I shouldn’t have been surprised by what I learned.

The report, for anyone who cares is available to read on the Transparency Market Research website and  called “Online Gambling and Betting Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2014 – 2020.” What I found interesting, and wanted to share with you mates, was their prediction that the fastest growth in online gambling is going to be Asia Pacific – and mainly driven by Australia. And just to be clear they consider online gambling to be online poker, online sports betting, online lottery, and online casino games like bingo and pokies.


What I found positive was that despite the ban on online in-game betting by the federal government, their analysts are still confident that the Australian online gambling industry will continue to grow. It turns out, we Aussies embrace it in many forms already and 80 percent of us gamble on a regular basis. A few government studies on the industry show that Australians tend to gamble more than other nation in the world.

The report also says that because we are a modern western-style society, armed with mobile devices, and know our way around a mobile app – that this too will be a huge factor which will help to drive the expansion of the online gambling market.

This isn’t a shock, you don’t need to be an analyst to see consumer spending shift more and more towards online retail. It only makes sense that eventually more of us will choose to get our gambling entertainment online as well.

Keep it cool mates,