Casinos are one of the most popular entertainment venues worldwide, and with the big money comes bigger, better and more elaborate casinos every time a new one is built. No strangers to ostentatious designs, grandiose architecture and being absolutely over-the-top in everything that they do, it’s no surprise that there are some insane casinos around the globe.

Obviously a lot of these magnificent structures are found in Las Vegas, but the rest of the world should definitely not be ignored when looking for a beautiful and exciting casino, as it seems everyone enjoys creating these awe-inspiring entertainment hubs. Take a look below at a few of my favourites at the time of writing (new casinos appear all the time, and with the outdo-each-other mentality, there will no doubt be even more amazing ones built in the next few years).

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My Pick of the Most Luxurious Casinos

1. The Bellagio

I thought I’d start with an obvious choice, at an obvious location. Although a well known casino in the most well known gambling mecca, it is hard to go past The Bellagio when looking for luxury and indulgence. In addition to its fantastic reputation and the stunning building itself, The Bellagio’s fame skyrocketed due to the classic heist movie Ocean’s Eleven, and more recently because of The Hangover franchise. From the outrageous fountain at the entrance, all the way to the tables, this casino is not one to be missed. Oh, and talking of the tables, if you want to go big, The Bellagio houses ‘Bobby’s Room’ where stakes can reach $8,000 and the pots often exceed $1,000,000.


2. Casino du Liban

While it’s not the first place many think of when looking for a top casino, Lebanon is home to one of the best, albeit lesser-known casinos in the world. The Casino du Liban is a very exclusive casino that has strict rules meaning government employees and anyone that earns less than $33,000 a year are not permitted in the building! If you pass their entry requirements however, you will be greeted by a stunning casino that boasts 400 slots, 60 table games and 35,000 square metres of luxurious gaming that is sure to satisfy even the most picky gamblers among us. Add to that a night club, theatre, banquet and five restaurants, and you have yourself a world-class casino on your hands.


 3. Venetian Macao

This one is absolutely massive! Its size however, does not mean that anything has been skimped on – the exact opposite in fact. This beauty has a colossal 500,000 square feet of gaming area, which, to put it in perspective is the size of the majority of shopping malls. The 15,000 seat arena on site is large enough to host NBA exhibition games (and has done), and the largest suite the Venetian offers is 3,800 square feet all to yourself! So, as you may expect, the entire property is over a million square feet of utmost luxury, with no expense spared. What more needs to be said about this place? My advice – get over there, and get lost in this wonderland.


4. Casino de Ibiza

Known mainly for it’s exhilarating party scene and exotic coast line; Ibiza is also home to a stunning casino with a twist. The Casino de Ibiza situated in the Gran Hotel actively supports gamblers bringing their families with them, and will actually babysit the kids while you go for a whirl on the tables or the slots! This luxurious casino features spas, reflexology, steam rooms and stone massage to keep you in the ultimate comfort between gaming sessions, and of course is situated in beautiful natural luxury, so you can soak up the sun after you have you picked up your winnings. Plus, the rooms at the Gran Hotel overlook the stunning bay and will make you never want to leave. Bliss, pure bliss.


5. Kurhaus Casino

If you find yourself looking for an elegant night on the tables in Germany, then you won’t go wrong with the Kurhaus in Baden-Baden. Built way back in 1824, this wonderful casino is full of history and opulence. Lined with elegant chandeliers and outstanding classic interior design, you will feel like royalty as you play the tables here. Plus, with up to 7,000 euro allowed on each bet, if your hand comes in, you could be walking out with a royal fortune as well. This casino is exclusive as they come – so rest assured that you will not be surrounded with a crowd of amateur tourists playing their first hand. Head to Baden-Baden as soon as you can, but try not to tell everyone about it, as I love it just the way it is.


I hope that list helped you find your ideal casino, and don’t forget to check out my online casino in the meantime.




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