Joe’s Big Bitcoin Update and How to Buy

The latest bitcoin news Newsflash, the head of the IMF – you know, the people who control all your money – just predicted the end of banking as we know it at a Bank of England conference. Why? Because Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are ushering in the future of finances, and they’re hotter than ever. For […]

Why Use Bitcoin?

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Bitcoin. I am writing updates about it almost weekly now, and although a lot of you are taking my advice on this one, there is still a huge amount of opposition to change. While I can most definitely understand it, as far as I am […]

Bitcoin Update

As I have explained before in previous blogs, Bitcoin is an online digital currency that is gaining exponentially in popularity every day. In addition to how many people are using Bitcoin now, at the time of writing this, the value of each coin (please remember that it is not, and never will be actual, physical coins) […]

Bitcoin – Frequently Asked Questions

Every time there’s a big evolutionary step, it takes us humans a while to figure out if we like it, if we trust it, if it’s a good idea, or even if we understand it. Bitcoin is one of those advancements that have an equal amount of people screaming from the rooftops about how amazing […]