2017 Spring Racing Carnival

We’re off to the races! The 2017 Spring Racing Carnival is here and it’s taking Victoria by storm, showing the best horses and fashion this side of the Pacific. Running from Sep 1 all the way through the Melbourne Cup, the carnival features 50 days of some of the most exciting Australian and international thoroughbred […]

The Five Most Luxurious Casinos

Casinos are one of the most popular entertainment venues worldwide, and with the big money comes bigger, better and more elaborate casinos every time a new one is built. No strangers to ostentatious designs, grandiose architecture and being absolutely over-the-top in everything that they do, it’s no surprise that there are some insane casinos around […]

Why Use Bitcoin?

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Bitcoin. I am writing updates about it almost weekly now, and although a lot of you are taking my advice on this one, there is still a huge amount of opposition to change. While I can most definitely understand it, as far as I am […]

Routine Maintenance

Starting on Tuesday, June 13th, we will be performing routine maintenance on our website. The work will begin at 1:00 AM AEST and we expect to have all services restored by 6:00 AM AEST on Wednesday, June 14th. During this period, there will be a site-wide service outage, including access to our games and your […]

Bitcoin Update

As I have explained before in previous blogs, Bitcoin is an online digital currency that is gaining exponentially in popularity every day. In addition to how many people are using Bitcoin now, at the time of writing this, the value of each coin (please remember that it is not, and never will be actual, physical coins) […]

Bitcoin – Frequently Asked Questions

Every time there’s a big evolutionary step, it takes us humans a while to figure out if we like it, if we trust it, if it’s a good idea, or even if we understand it. Bitcoin is one of those advancements that have an equal amount of people screaming from the rooftops about how amazing […]

The Blackjack Bible: Learn How to Play

Blackjack is the classic fine wine of the casino world, nothing beats Blackjack and it will never goes out of style. It’s easy to see why people love it, the rules are simple to follow and it offers some of the best odds. If you’re fascinated by what happens on the felt, check out my […]

Easter – The Sweetest Weekend of the Year

The Easter long weekend is almost here and there’s no shortage of awesome things to do over four days of work-free bliss. It doesn’t matter if you’re an egg, bunny or chocolate bilby kind of person, Easter’s one of the best weekends for activities on the Aussie calendar, and if you’re like me you’re keen […]